Flower Pot Umbrellas

Product Description
Descriptions of Flower Pot Umbrellas
1. High Quality Durable Sun Shade Fabric
2. Fabric Type Customizable
3. Sizes or Materials Customizable

Specification Details
Canopy: Sun shade fabric
Shape of Canopy: Dome or Straighten
Colour: Customizable
Size: 18.5'' * 8K (other sizes customizable)
Ribs: Black Fibreglass 
Frame: Black Fibreglass
Shaft: Solid wooden
Shaft Length: 85cm
Tips: Nickel
Top: Plastic
Open by: manual open

Features of Flower Pot Umbrellas
This flower pot umbrella is used for potted plants and flower bed shade, it adopt top quality and durable sun shade fabric. High-hardness and high-density beech wood shaft, High toughness fibreglass ribs and High-quality frame structure provides this flower pot umbrella long durability and perfect sun shade effect. 

The pointed-shaped wooden pole can be easily inserted into flower pots or soil. 

Any sizes, materials or functions can be customized for you. If you have you own specifications, we can also make it as your requested.
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