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About Personalized Customization


Personalization refers to the users involvement in the design process of the product, print the specified patterns, designs or text onto the specified product, and the user obtains a customized product with a strong personal attribute or a product or service that matches his or her personalized needs.

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“Her Economy”: Five Trends in the Background of New Consumption Upgrade


According to the 2017 China Woman's Consumption Survey, more than half of women believe that their income levels are comparable or similar to their spouses, and nearly half of women's personal consumption accounts for more than one-third of household income. The change of “Women's Day” to “Goddess Day” and “Queen's Day” originated from the university campus and became a marketing tool for businesses to cater to women, especially young women – almost all businesses have abandoned the word “women” in marketing copywriting, which is replaced by "Queen" and "Goddess". The above interesting changes are also the performance of domestic women's economic status and consumption levels.

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Umbrella Industry News

New Uses for old Umbrella


Everyone has one or two broken umbrellas in their homes. Some of them are not too bad, so people is not willing to throw it away. But it is inconvenient to use when it rains. In fact, the old umbrella is also very useful. As long as the design of the whimsy, the waste umbrella can also be turned into wealth. Stylish and beautiful!

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Umbrella Industry News

The Duchess of Cornwall's Parasol wins Septrainbow the honour

Our Australian customer is so excited today. They are eager to share the good news to us and pass their big thanks to Septrainbow Design Team and Production Department. The couples, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall visited the State of Western Australia recently. The department of Premier and Cabinet gave the Duchess Parasol to the Duchess as the gift. She used the parasol all weekend, wearing a white dress and holding a white Duchess Parasol. Fantastic matching! She could enjoyed the incredible outdoor lifestyle in such hot weather with the parasol.

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